Photo galleries for photographers: Pros and Cons

My friends, as a photographer, it’s very important for me to show you my work. At the same time, I am trying not to overwhelm you with too many pictures. Therefore, I will be creating Pixieset galleries, so you can have a good impression of my photography style. You don’t have to choose Pixieset specifically, but I find it very easy to use, and presentation of your gallery is just lovely.

Also, if you are, let’s say, a wedding photographer, and want to reach out to magazines, other photographers, and wedding websites, they will really appreciate a good-looking presentation of our best shots.


Please don’t put there all these 478 photos you adore - try to keep it under 35-55, I would say. Also, try to put there various photos of the special day, so you present those amazing shots of the couple, a bride and a groom getting ready, grandmas hugging each other and sobbing over the beautiful moment… So many options here!

Also, details are pretty important. Try to show the efforts your couple has put into the wedding’s organisation and decorating the venue, and, maybe, the venue itself..

Today, we will have a look at Teenu and Gabriel’s wedding.

Cheers, Anna

Teenu and Gabriel’s wedding

Teenu and Gabriel’s wedding

Anna Vasilyeva